Saturday, May 31, 2008

Two Wheels are Better

One of the perpetual gripes I have heard about Iowa City over the past 15 years is how abysmal everyone thinks the downtown parking situation is. I think most of this complaining comes from people who haven't lived in a city where you can't park for less than $2.50/hr, and you're lucky if you get a spot within five blocks of your destination. I digress...

That, and the rising price of gas, suggests that a bike is a more ideal mode of transit for many students. But bikes are expensive, especially if you're already making car payments, insurance, and paying for gas.

Enter the Iowa City Bike Library. From their site:
The Bike Library is a volunteer-run community bike project located in Iowa City, IA. We repair donated bikes and check them out to the public. Bikes are priced with a deposit (ranging from $20-$80). If a bike is returned in good condition within the six-month checkout period, the full amount of the deposit will be returned to the user. Alternately, patrons can choose to keep their bikes and forfeit their deposit.
What a deal!

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