Saturday, May 31, 2008

Insider Tips for Students and Residents

The idea behind this is to create a sort of travel-guide to Iowa City, Iowa, the biggest little city in the Midwest.

I plan on pointing out little-known happenings and locations, and covering the events that the papers don't cover. I welcome feedback from anyone who has tips and tricks to enjoying life in the city also known as "The Paris of the Prairie."

My emphasis will be on enjoying Iowa City on a budget. Due to our large student population at the University of Iowa, I expect for most of them money is often tight, and those of us who have been around here for years know how to get stuff done on the cheap. We'll also venture just outside Iowa City to the surrounding communities of Coralville, North Liberty, Solon, Kalona, West Branch and others.

Locals: Send me your blog links and useful tidbits about living in Iowa City!

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